The statement below is the personal opinion of Prof. Thonhauser and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or views of his research group, the Wake Forest Physics Department, or Wake Forest University.

As a scientist I naturally have an interest in understanding the theories that describe our universe, from elementary particles to the formation of stars. As such, I am intrigued by very fundamental questions such as “How did our universe begin?” or “How did life start?” I have come to believe that the Christian faith gives good answers to these questions and I accept the classic Apostles’ Creed. My working hypothesis is that science has not disproven God and that Christianity can be in agreement with our scientific findings. I agree, when investigating the claims of Christianity you might find paradoxes and there are many things that I do not fully understand. But, it is tantalizing instances like these that motivate me to investigate things further. This will take me a while and I do not assume that I will be done anytime soon; indeed, it will be lifelong research.

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